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Pat Coleman

Pat Coleman is a native of Stockton and graduated from Stagg High School in 1971.  He has always enjoyed living here and taking advantage of the wonderful delta waterways that Stockton has to offer.

Pat worked at Martin Optical Services in Modesto from 1974-1979 as a certified bench optical technician before opening Coleman Optical in Stockton.

In 2000 Pat teamed up with the Brookside Optometric Group and moved his optical lab into our office.

“Having a lab in the optometric office gives our patients a huge degree of convenience.  Whenever possible I can make lenses for a patient either as they wait or overnight. “

“Problem solving is so much easier when I can talk to the patient and the doctor face to face.  It creates a bond between the patient, the doctor and optician that I have  never experienced in my 40 years in this industry. “

When Pat is not busy at our office he can be found enjoying time with his wife and motorcycle.