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Why trust Brookside Optometric Group?

In 1998, three of the largest optometric practices in Stockton:  San Joaquin Optometric Group, Skinner Optometry and Valley Optometric Care combined to become Brookside Optometric Group. 

Why did we do this?  We did it because we “get it.”  We get it that people live busy lives and need appointments that are not necessarily between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00 Monday through Friday.  We get it that people hate having to endure long waits for their doctor only to be seen by a technician followed by a brief 3-minute meet and greet by their doctor.  We get it that people want answers to their questions instead of a simple pat on the head as they are being handed a prescription.

We get it that the honor is that people allow us to see them, not for them to be allowed to see us.

We created Brookside Optometric Group to be able to provide extended hours for our patients, to allow us to acquire technologically-advanced equipment to better care for our patients, to have an in-house lab, to be able to have access to any and all contact lenses necessary to fit any need and to provide our patients with a frame inventory of over 1,500 frames to suit any desired style.  Banding together allowed us the number of doctors necessary to handle these extended hours, share the costs of newer computerized diagnostic equipment and share a frame inventory to maximize patient selection. 

Most importantly we wanted to create an environment where our patients would be seen on time, have time with their doctors for a very thorough examination and have any and all questions answered, whether that be for routine eye care or LASIK candidacy, and to be treated like family.  

We also get it that being a doctor is about giving back to your community and your profession. Over the years many of our doctors have been on faculty at the University of California, Berkeley School of Optometry and three of our doctors are still actively teaching.  We have had more than a dozen students who have interned at our office go on to enroll into optometric programs to become the doctors of the future. Brookside Optometric Group doctors have served on county and statewide committees including the First Five San Joaquin and the California Medical Quality Review Board as well as serving on the Board of Directors of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce.  Our doctors are involved in a variety of charitable organizations here in Stockton such as the Mary Graham Children’s Shelter, St. Mary’s Homeless Shelter, and The Women’s Center as well as several church groups. They also participate in international programs through Rotary International, The Flying Samaritans and Lions In Sight to help the needs of the less fortunate elsewhere.

We are Brookside Optometric Group-and we get it.

Best of San Joaquin 4 years in a row